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We work with leading IT and Recruitment companies on both flexi and permanent staffing models

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contact - info@itoctane.com or 011 - 41671578

Recruitment Partner

We feel honoured to partner with Bellwether Talent Solutions - a leading recruitment and staffing firm headquartered in Gurgaon. Their decade of rich experience includes Leadership hiring, Search & Selection, International Hiring and Flexi Staffing. They are preferred hiring partners for major firms in IT, Finance and Insurance domains.

Bellwether Talent Solutions

IPR & Innovation Partner

We pride in a culture of growth and innovation. Protecting and nurturing new ideas is as important as creating them in order to give wings to your dreams. We have partnered with CIP Legit - Intellectual Property Counsels to provide '360° Protection to Your Creativity, Innovation and Invention'.

CIP Legit